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Over the past 20 years we have developed contacts and relationships in more than 20 nations. North and South from Latin America, to Alaska, and East and West from Amsterdam, across Europe into Central Asia, Mongolia, India, China, Nepal, Cambodia, and even in remote markets, we have reputable business affiliations. When an emerging market appears, such as Dubai, we research that market and establish contacts that can make good business sense.

In the United States, we not only list, locate and research properties for American investors, but for global investors of other nations who wish to invest in the USA. We also educate American investors as to investment opportunities in other nations.

Many of our clients wish to enjoy the historic price appreciation of resort properties, or invest in hotels, commercial projects, or new developments. We specialize in making the world a "smaller place" for those who wish to enjoy regional growth in specific nations. Markets often have specific circumstances that provide extraordinary opportunity, for a specific time framework.

For example, the record number of residential foreclosures in the USA after an extended boom, or the growth in "energy and oil sectors" with the high price of petroleum bringing more investment capital into certain areas for real estate. Energy savings projects (Green Projects) sometimes offer specific investment advantages.

Real estate price appreciation in developing nations such as India, Pakistan, and Iran offer windows of opportunity. Emerging development in nations such as Cambodia and Mongolia offer adventurous investors exciting opportunities. For investors who love "sun and sea" Costa Rica and Ecuador offer interesting appeal in beautiful resort settings.

Ben B. Boothe Sr. has achieve the following: Record producer for Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith, on Wall Street. Founder and President of Banks. Consultant to the USIS and USIA ( U.S.State Department) on economic development issues in numerous nations. Economist and economic consultant to the World Bank, helping restructure banking systems in Cambodia, Mongolia, Kirgystan, as well as advising political leaders in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Ecuador and Romania during times of economic stress and change. Ben owns several companies, had has over 900 prime VIP corporate clients in over 20 nations, for real estate development issues, valuations, investments, real estate brokerage, environmental consulting, and economic policy consulting. As a former candidate for U.S. Congress, Ben is an advisor to several political leaders

Our job is to help you see unique and special investment opportunities almost anywhere on the globe.

Specific expertise:

  • Real estate brokerage
  • Real estate development consulting
  • Valuation and appraisals
  • Environmental consulting
  • Assistance with financing and sources of capital
  • Investment advisory and consulting services

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